Vital Care AAR

About Us

Who We Are

Vital Care Accommodation and Respite is an enthusiastic, innovative and passionate organisation which puts the needs and wants of their participants first. We aim to assist our participants to live a healthy lifestyle in our bespoke homes. Ultra-modern appliances and individualised rooms give our participants limitless opportunities to do what they want when they want without compromising their privacy. Our staff are qualified and are trained in-house with our management team and they possess the same value, mission and vision of our organisation.

Our Vission

We are committed to provide unprecedented in-home support to our participants. With our modern sophisticated homes we aim to meet our participants goals, needs and wants. Essentially we would love to provide accommodation to participants regardless of where they would want to live with unparalleled in home support and amenities. We are dedicated to enhance our participants’ lives to live a healthy lifestyle by working closely with them, their families and other support networks.

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Our Mission

We are committed to provide our participants with high quality and flexible supports in our SIL homes. We are committed to work collaboratively with participants, their families, support coordinators and other support networks to ensure we can best assist our participants to achieve their goals. We thrive on making anything possible.

Our Services

Respite Services, Medium and Short Term Stays (MTA, STA, Emergency respite)

Vital Care Accommodation and Respite offer respite services and short term stays when vacancies occur in our community houses. We provide supported services for people while they wait to move in between regions or programs across Sydney and the Illawarra.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

SIL is an NDIS support service that involves supervision and assistance with daily everyday tasks to help people with disabilities live as independently as possible. Vital Care offers this service as part of a shared group-home environment. Alternatively, we can offer this service in your personal homes across Sydney and the Illawarra

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